The Dimplex Stockbridge SKG20BL Review

Dimplex SKG20BL Stockbridge Traditionally Styled Optiflame Effect Electric Stove, 2 Kilowatt

Conventionally styled optiflame effect electric stove is a graceful cohort for the home theatre, coalesce handiness and fashion in contemporary espresso conclusion.  It incarcerates the sense of a classified recoil, console, and contentment. It has fresh, shipshape outline and a traditional form that harmonise with any style of décor. This purely spectacular Electric Stove rebuilds a pastoral magnetism of a woods retreat.

Optiflame fires and stoves create an aura of elegance in the sitting lounge. Open fires can be inopportune and chaotic at times, but with the electric stove, you simply need to plug them in the socket and get started. There is no specific installation process. You can control the flames effect and temperature through remotes which are an added characteristic in some models.

The Stockbridge cast iron stoves are the favoured preference amid landowners. Generally, Stockbridge is offered with genuine coal or log firewood outcome. The illusion of Optiflame effect allures the buyers and gives an intuition of dazzling flame. The greatest advantage about Stockbridge is it offers opening doors to the stove which adds to the authentic appeal.

Let’s have a quick overview of the characteristics of Optiflame effect Electric Stove.

Dimplex SKG20BL

Clutter-free Installation

Dimplex Electric fire and stoves are very simple to install. There is no specific procedure, just plug in the socket and the stove is ready to use. The socket should have the voltage of 13 amperes to avoid any fluctuations. The electric feature of the stove cuts down on the installation cost and annual maintenance cost. The Stockbridge features permission to control the temperature and thermostat for optimum efficiency.


The décor possibilities of the electric stove are nearly boundless. You can customise your fireplace in accordance with the existing home furniture and create an elegant fashion statement for your living room. The compact size makes it portable to carry anywhere anytime. No supporting equipment is required to install it, for example, a chimney or pipe, and thus, you can easily relocate the position of stove matching your ambience.

Fuel Efficiency  

Dimplex fires and stoves are cent-percent fuel efficient as the electricity is unswervingly transformed into heat. Autonomous nature of the flames helps you to take advantage of a balanced flame effect throughout the year with maximum cost efficiency. Changing the light bulbs once every two years is only maintenance cost you need to take care of.

Safe and Dependable

The electric stoves are eco-friendly as they o not emit any poisonous gases similar to carbon monoxide. Even the person suffering from respiratory issues can enjoy the Optiflame Electric stove because they will not be exasperated by the off gassing that circulates in the air. Moreover, the flames that are illuminated are replica so any vulnerability from open fire flames is evaded.

Superfluous character

The official dimensions of the Dimplex Optiflame are 39x62x 64 cm weighing near about 26 kg. The special inclusions in this stove are the thermostat feature that optimally controls the warmth and power utilisation. The Stockbridge is embellished with premium glossy, dark enamel texture in addition to the authentic coal or log effect fuel.


  • Highly economical price, optimum efficiency and largely realism increase its aesthetic appeal.
  • Complete portability adds to its attractiveness.
  • The warmth from the electric stove directly squanders into the room. There is no wastage because it does not have any outlet point.
  • The installation process is very basic which every layman can assemble within minutes.
  • The illuminated artificial flame does not create any difficulty or chaos.
  • Even the person suffering from respiratory issue can enjoy the warmth of electric fires as they do not emit any poisonous gases like carbon monoxide.
  • Customization is the most important pros of this stove and you can harmonise with any style décor.


  • The biggest flaw with electric stoves is that they make use of illuminated flame which looks artificial.
  • Not useful if there is electricity cut during chilly days.
  • Some electric stoves don’t come in pre-assembled form, and thus assembling the stove is a tedious task requiring an expert.



Dimplex Stockbridge Optiflame Electric stove provides unrivalled grace and charisma. The stove has been decorated conventionally with a cast type conclusion and opening doors. It is the simplest and effortless stove. The illusion of the flames dismantles to provide an authentic glow that shines throughout the year. Interleave this stove at an existing place or create your own by customising to match your home décor.


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