Solid Oak Furniture Extending Dining Table

Country Painted solid oak furniture extending dining table with 8 Marino chairs

You don’t require a robust incoherent country cottage to enjoy the look of a contemporary dining table. While lustrous, contemporary kitchens remind us of our Granny’s home and the nostalgic feeling or the tormenting aroma of the cooked food. The dining area was simply a pavement connecting the kitchen to the lounge where the crayons were scattered all over the table while the granny used to cook a delicious meal.

Think about adding a modern twist to your dining area with a beautiful solid oak wood for the countryside essence and enhancing the charm through Marino chairs giving an urban periphery to the new-fangled look.

Country painted solid oak dining tables popularity has increased immensely because of the robustness and resilient appeal of oak embellishing the look. The Oak can be painted or polished in delicate shades to elicit the ordinary morsel in the wood. Thus, the country painted solid oak range is a modish compilation crafted from fine solid oak with a glossy finish.

Let’s have a quick overview of the characteristics of Solid Oak Furniture.

furniture extending dining table

Extremely Rigid Grain

Oak wood is known for its sturdiness and durability. Aged Oak wood becomes extra solid and profound as the grain stiffens. It can defend against most facade blemishes and scrapes because of its rigid appeal. The oak wood is fungal resistant.  Thus it offers a contemporary look with exclusive modus operandi and enhances charisma.

Less Binding

Bindings may look apprehensive to some but everyone does not praise knots. An ancient bind table looks incredible in rustic vintage but the Oak wood without binds can steal the show away. Oaks with mild and delicate finish without knots would be favoured as against the knotty languish table. You can either opt out an extremely stylish and smooth design or extremely bucolic and audacious appeal.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Marino Chairs highlights the qualities and features of classic designs which enhance aesthetic appeal. Marino chairs are crafted from steam bent rigid ash along with conventional artists and contemporary techniques thus producing a cosy chair which reminds the legacy. You can choose the colour of Marino Chair from Straw, Delicate, Golden Dawn, Crystal Matt and Dark.


The conventional appearance of the oak wood is rust free and will not fade away. The more aged the oak wood is, the better it is. Despite the colour combinations available to enhance the appeal of oak wood, its original colour adds to the uniqueness of the wood. The oak wood is either polished in crystal clear coating or given a concluding look with delicate paint; the oak wood has been and always will remain the finest modern country decorating furniture.


One of the important added advantages of Oak furniture is that it requires less maintenance and thus saves cost for preserving it. A glossy coating twice a year is the only cost you need to incur. This polish would burnish out any blemishes or scrapes giving it an all novel look. Thus purchasing oak furniture is a one-time investment with almost nil maintenance cost.

Country Painted Solid Oak Dining Table with Marino Chairs Specification

The country painted oak table has an area of 760 x 900 x 1800mm (height x width x depth). It is a huge spacious table can occupy up to 10 seats. The Marino chairs which embellish the table look has an area of 970 x 450 x 450mm (height x width x depth). The stylish and uncomplicated design along with premium quality oak results in an ideal dining table for the family. Seating eight comfortably which can be extended up till ten. The extensions area ranges 900 x 450mm (Width x depth). The lacquered finish enhances its aesthetic appeal.


  • Highly rigid grain and aesthetic appeal of oak wood are unanimously applauded qualities.
  • Incredibly long lasting and would sustain for a longer period of time.
  • The Eternal design would add to the contemporary look.
  • Low maintenance cost makes oak wood value for money.
  • The oak furniture’s adaptability is an added advantage.


  • Though oak furniture lasts long and is sturdy, the expensive cost may prohibit some from owning
  • The frequent rearrangement is impossible because of its massive and weighty nature.
  • Blemishes and scrapes can damage your oak table and hence precautionary measures need to be taken to sustain it.
  • Regular polishing twice a year is a must.


  1. How do I prevent my Oak Dining and Marino Chairs being damaged from daily use?

Ans. To sustain the look, keep your furniture away from direct sunlight and regular polishing twice a year will protect against stains and scratches.

  1. Which polish should I use to maintain its quality?

Ans. Ensure using fine quality beeswax polish. Avoid using polish containing silicon.


Finally, all the features described above of the country painted solid oak dining table with Marino chairs will tempt you to buy it. Also, the long lasting feature is like a cherry on top of the cake.


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